Wednesday, January 09, 2008

photos-of-the-day 01.09.08

I honestly don't know what this child is thinking half the time...I know what's going through this one's mind most of the time.... LEGOS!

This going to be short, my nose is stuffed up and my head is pounding.

Nothing much here today... I took Alex and Shark Girl (aka Clara) to the dentist today. Clara has earned that new nickname because, in sharklike fashion, her permanent teeth are coming in BEHIND her row of baby teeth! Totally freaks me out... but the dentist said that she's fine and not unlike a lot of the other 6 year olds she sees.

This afternoon we took advantage of a fairly sunny and almost windless day to meet a friend at the park to play. Kind of funny when a 38 degree day becomes a good day to play at the park. The kids got to burn off some energy which was much needed.

I honestly did nothing productive today, hopefully I'll make up for it tomorrow! But first I'll need some sleep!


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  1. Maddi had shark teeth too. It was really strange, but it actually helped because she had an under bite and when the new teeth grew in behind her baby teeth it straightened out her bite.