Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Do your kids ever do things that just leave you wondering if they have any common sense?

See the picture of Clara below...
It may be hard to tell... but her hair looked a little "off" this morning. So I felt it, and it felt a little "off". I asked her if she remembered to wash out her conditioner last night. She assured me that she did. However... "its probably just lotion".... huh??? Why is there lotion in her hair you ask? Well... "my head itched"... sigh.

If you want to know what she's coloring... the story is on my homeschooling blog. Nothing terribly exciting just didn't want to ramble on here about it.

Today was dance day (well... one of two dance days each week). We were supposed to sign up for next session today. However, I'm in a quandary about what to sign her up for. Ugh. She has very strong opinions about what she wants to do... the problem is, I'm not sure it's doable. She's taking a fairly advance (for her age) ballet and character class on Saturdays. On Wednesdays she's taking pre-ballet/tap (long story... but when we signed up in the fall this was the only class available for her age.... but after they auditioned her for the nutcracker, she was required to take the more advanced class), followed by hip hop/jazz. She does NOT want to take pre-ballet anymore... she says that it's too easy and she wants to take another "harder" class. BUT... there's nothing else offered at her level at her studio. Another instructor shares studio space and she has a more advance ballet class at that time. Her class is for girls about 1-3 years older than Clara... she would evaluate her to see if she could take the class BUT it is a two day a week minimum class and at six years old Clara does NOT need to be taking 3 hours of ballet a week (plus an hour of character and an hour of hip hop/jazz... oh and did I mention that she wants to take the hour long more advanced tap class too???). UGH!! Oh... I forgot to mention that one main reason that dropping pre-ballet is an issue is because we have to be at the studio at that time regardless for Alex's boy's hip hop class. It would be nice for her to be doing something instead of sitting in the hall (plus I have a sneaking suspicion that if she doesn't sign up for any class at that time, we'll make it about two weeks of seeing her friend going into that class before she begs to rejoin it rather than hanging out in the hall with me any longer).

All Jeff and I could think of today is that this has something to do with the nutcracker. After performing in the nutcracker in December, Clara decided that next time she wanted to be in the party scene. Figuring that this deal with the big production was a one time thing (or at most a once in a while thing) I told her that if she worked hard then maybe she could be in the party scene next time. Well, we found out on Saturday that "next time" may very well be this year. Ever since she found that out, she has been insisting on taking "harder" classes and wants to drop her "easy" class. The thing is... she could work like crazy and still not have a part in the party scene this year. She's just so young and it's a big part. I really thought we had at least a year or so of buffer before this would come up. I have to make a decision on classes by Saturday. Clara and I will have to sit down and have a great big dance discussion and see what happens.

Okay... I'm heading to bed!


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  1. Well, I know it seems like a lot of dance for her right now, but if she truely enjoys it, then let her do it. Dance is so good for kids of all ages and it will help her later in life even if she chooses another route besides dance. Just my opinion! Maddi is taking 12 hours of dance/week. Now that's insane. But she really loves it.