Wednesday, January 23, 2008

total blank...

why oh why is it so hard for me to come up with post titles these days?

Anyway... this will be a short post... I really didn't want to post at all! :-) I currently have met most of my deadlines so I feel little or no need to procrastinate by updating my blogs! LOL! Plus, I'm tired, the kids have been in bed for nearly an hour (they were TIRED!).... and I'm home alone (well... except for the sleeping kids) in a CLEAN house! Woo hooo! I also have 3 episodes of Ghost Hunters recorded so I have a variety of episodes to choose from... life is good. Oh... I also have new hair! I finally got my hair cut and highlighted today (I know... I'm pretty up on these things since my last haircut was in OCTOBER!).

Okay... on to my photo of the day...
Lego Chess (have you noticed the abundance of lego pictures in my posts?). Alex is absolutely obsessed with legos and he likes to play chess... so what better combination than Lego Chess. They built all of the pieces themselves and they did a great job. However, I think they are the only two who can keep the pieces straight (and I'm not sure they were even doing that well given some bickering I heard going on during the game).

Okay... that's it for me! Maybe I'll be back to my usual rambling self tomorrow!



  1. Awesome photo!! Of course I enjoy all your photos, but I really love the perspective and focus on this one (I know there are better photography terms I could use, but I'm not all that photography savvy).

  2. Tom loves your lego updates and indeed after seeing Alex's post office decided to build his own space post office. He is very taken with the lego chess as he plays chess too! and he asked which ones were the king and queen, hehe I told him that you didn't know!!! I'll post the lego post-spaceship on my blog sometime...