Tuesday, January 22, 2008


How's that for a post title? I'm running out of things to use as titles!

Here's my photo of the day....
This is how I found Clara's handwriting book and pencil when we took our break for lunch. Apparently her webkinz pug doubles as a pencil holder.

Speaking of pugs... can I just tell you that my children are OBSESSED with pugs?? Especially Alex. He is absolutely desperate to own one. He's even saving his money for one (if he doesn't get the itch to buy more legos first). We thought getting Alex this pug-a-day calendar was a good idea until we realized that he will not throw the pages away. He plans to keep them all. Thankfully, for now they're all in his desk drawer.

In other news... Clara had her "show" day today at her gymnastics class. They performed their routines and received medals at the end of class. Jeff got to come too which was nice... Alex was playing at a friend's house (which was also nice).

Here's Clara on the balance beam....
Okay... with that... I'm heading to bed.


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