Friday, January 11, 2008

photo-of-the-day 01.11.08

Just the kids studying the Burpee Seed Catalog.... don't all kids do that over breakfast? LOL! Especially city kids with no real yard! Ever since we went on our neighborhood's garden walk last summer, Alex has been determined to have our house entered in 2008 garden walk. I asked and they do allow patios and decks as "gardens" so I told him if planned it, we would make a go at it. Yesterday our seed catalog came so today the planning began. The other damaging thing I did was have them watch the Tournament of Roses Parade this year so now he wants our deck entered in the garden walk and he has dreams of it looking like a float from the parade... sigh.

After we got some stuff done this morning we headed to run errands. First stop was the Vitamin Shop, then lunch at Panera and then off to the dance supply store to get Clara character shoes. It is going to crack me up to see my little girl dancing in heels tomorrow in class! However, she is soooo excited. Now we just have to get her the long character skirt.

Well... I could ramble more but I think I need to try to sneak in an episode of Ghost Hunters before I go to bed (yes, Jeff's out of town for the weekend).


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