Sunday, January 27, 2008

this is what happens....

when I realize at 10:40pm that I haven't taken my photo of the day.

You get more lego photos...
Seriously... there are creations EVERYWHERE in our house. On the red hutch next to my desk, I keep the special ones that Alex has given to me. The one above is his version of the Chicago skyline. On the same shelf, I have a Chicago "L" car and bi-plane that he has made.... I'm saving those for another day when I realize past my bedtime that I need a photo for that day... LOL!

Okay, I'm heading to bed and I promise to do better tomorrow! :-)


1 comment:

  1. good morning! Tom likes the Chicago skyline very much, but having never seen sky scrapers he doesn't quite get it! So maybe your next photo of the day will need to be a urban landscape to match your lego! T also says thanks for the lego picture.

    We have posted two for you on our blog... A post office and a restaurant...