Monday, January 07, 2008


Here is Clara being "Clara" last night at the hockey game. If you're wondering what she's doing... she melted Skittles in her hot little hand and she was sticking her hands together....Alex intently watching the game....
Tonight Alex had cooking class (he made crab cakes and deviled eggs... the crab cakes were FABULOUS... yum!). When we walked back from dropping him off, Clara and I decided that we had just enough light to play for just a minute or two. So here is one of the photos... I played in photoshop quite a bit, but I thought it could take it...
Can you believe that it was like 64 degrees out when I took this??? 64 degrees at 4:30 in the afternoon on January 7th in Chicago???? Craziness! It was raining by the time his class was over and we had to go pick him up.

My book order showed up today.... I'm not so sure about the whole Don Quixotething from The Well Educated Mind. That book is a BRICK! It is 982 pages long!!! What was I thinking?? YIKES!

Okay... I had more randomness planned but I'm running out of steam, so I'm going to wrap this up!


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  1. Cute pictures... love the urban type feel to the one of Clara. Can you believe this weather?!? Everyone at work kept saying, "I didn't even wear a jacket today!".. It WAS crazy.. Ah well, back to our 30's again..