Sunday, January 13, 2008

I should really stop...

waiting until 11pm to take my photo of the day... sigh.

I had myself talked out of taking any photos today... that it was okay to miss a day here and there. But then I reminded myself that it is only the 13th of January and that there's a whole lot of the year left. I'm sure there will be other days where taking a photo legitimately isn't going to happen... today I was just being lazy.

So, here it is...
... not a great photo but the only subject I had in my house that was still awake. This picture makes me sad though... our puppy girl is getting old and you can really see it here. She'll be eleven in March. She's doing great (just had her check-up a week or so ago) but she's still getting old.

Today was uneventful. The kids played and I worked on some things I had been avoiding for quite some time. My "to do" list is still a mile long but at least its a bit shorter than what it was when I started today.

I need to blog about the books I'm reading... but I always start my post too late in the evening and I just want to go to bed. Maybe tomorrow, if I get through another chunk of my list I'll do my little book report I've been itching to do.


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