Thursday, January 24, 2008

a pressman's hat...

This is what Alex made during lunch...They love to look at the paper and he was thrilled to find this in the Trib....
But how do you think he *really* feels about me taking his picture in his hat while he's eating lunch?
We worked on a big school project... you can read about it here, if you want.

I really really wanted to go today and see the Maps exhibit at the Field Museum before it ends this weekend. However, the kids wanted nothing to do with that. Today was our first day to not have some activity outside of the house and they were perfectly content staying home all day. Ultimately, that was the best for us as shortly after I was sulking about not going to the Field, I had to go out and walk the dog. Ummm..... -4 degrees out.... I think that constitutes a good stay at home day.

Meg... Alex would love to see Tom's lego creations... I'll check your blog for them. I'll ask Alex about the actual chess pieces and see if I can't figure out their system. I think the pawns are the ones that are sitting and the king and queen were standing on a stack of legos to make them taller... other than that... I have no clue. :-)

Well... dishes are calling me... yuck!


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  1. Brrr! Don't ya just love this bitter IL weather?!? I keep telling my husband, "do you realize that we make a choice to live in this frigid air and have our insides shivering?!?".. hehe... Love the hat, Alex!