Wednesday, January 02, 2008

behold... a blender LOL!

Yes, this should probably be on my homeschool blog (and it will probably end up there tomorrow with more explanations as to what is going on academically)... but these are my photos for the photo-a-day project I have embarked on.

We're easing back into school (official post-holiday start date is Monday... same as the public schools here). So, today we got out the K'nex Simple Machines: Gears set and made a blender.

These are real life shots, I did not clean up, I did not stage anything... I'm going to try to be better about capturing our real daily life.

First of all, I'm sure Deann will notice that my children are sockless and yes the temperatures were in the teens today. They DON'T like socks for some reason... as you can tell by the lone sock by Clara's head in the picture below, they do actually own socks. She wore them when she went with Jeff to take Friday to the vet this morning... but as soon as she was home, they were off.
In the pic above, I'm reading questions from the teacher's guide (by Alex's head) and the kids are studying the blender and answering the questions. I took this with my wide angle lens that I've been playing with lately. It was hard taking a straight down shot that didn't include my feet... you can see the very tip of my toe at the bottom of the picture (I'm wearing socks.... fuzzy black socks with grippers on the bottom... I have a tendency to fall down LOL!).

I'm so excited to see you all playing along with my give-away!!! I love seeing who reads my blog. Hmmm.... maybe I should find something to give away each month! Oh... but whoever posted as #2, you posted anonymous and I have no clue who you are! LOL! Wow... I just misspelled "anonymous" so badly that spellcheck gave me "nonvenomous" as a suggestion... how sad is that?

Okay.... the cold is still lingering and Niquil is calling again!


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  1. I just ordered 2 of the knex educational sets because of you :) We are so excited! And, I would have posted a comment yesterday but I already went and bought the template set as soon as I saw it - very cool idea!

    Happy New Year Tracie :)