Monday, January 28, 2008


Monday has turned into one crazy day at our house. Right after lunch Alex has a homeschool science class at one of the museums here in the city, from there we go straight to Alex's cooking class... THEN I have to get Clara to her new gymnastics class that starts 15 minutes after Alex's cooking class starts. While she's in gymnastics I make a library run. Then BOTH of their classes end at the exact same time. Fortunately, the women at Alex's cooking class are great and said that it was no problem for Alex to hang out with them until I can get there with Clara. It still makes for a crazy day though.

Here's my photo of the day... Clara lining up her new math flash cards...

more about that here

Meg... here's a photo for Tom...
I didn't really have any good ones of the Chicago skyline, so here's one I took from the beach last summer. I think in Alex's model, the one with the tall smooth blue pieces is supposed to be the Hancock Building (in this pic, it's the one with the tall antennas - or whatever they are - on top). Alex loved looking at your son's creations... we'll come back to comment on them tomorrow since we're staying home. He thinks it's cool to have a long distance lego buddy! :-)

Okay... Jeff's out of town again so it's time for my Ghost Hunters fix!


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